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With an Eye on Optics Valley

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The birthplace of the first optical fiber and proprietary ultra long haul optical transmission system in the nation, Optics Valley of China in Wuhan, Hubei province aims to become a leading global industrial center in 2020, according to local authorities.

Its electronic information annual production value is projected to rise to 380 billion yuan ($60.3 billion) in 2015 from 114 billion yuan in 2010.

Located in Wuhan East Lake National Innovation Demonstration Zone, the valley plays a vital role in the optoelectronics sector.

Similar to Zhongguancun, high-tech hub of Beijing, the optoelectronics industrial cluster in Wuhan boasts more than 6,300 patents and contributed to the formulation of five international industrial standards and 80 national standards.

Backed by a strong innovation capacity, the valley tops the world in the production of optical fiber and cable, which accounts for approximately 55 percent of domestic market shares and 25 percent internationally.

An economic survey of the East Lake development zone in 2011 shows three companies have surpassed 10 billion yuan in each of their yearly production value. Foxconn ranked at the top with more than 30 billion yuan.

Starting from the optoelectronics information industry, the valley stands at the forefront of other sectors such as biomedicine, eco-friendly energy, modern machines and high-tech industry.

The optics sector is pivotal to promote the provincial development of high-tech and the proprietary innovation drive, local government officials said.