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Wuhan: Not Just Optics Valley Of China

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Hubei Province in central China electronics industry is represented. Electronic information industry in Hubei Province in 2008 sales revenue of 109.9 billion yuan, an increase of 36%, faster than the industry average level of China's 9 percent, industrial-scale in six provinces in central China listed first. 

At present, Hubei electronic information industry has been basically formed a six industrial clusters: optical communication industry groups; mobile communication industry groups; display industry groups; software industry group; electronic-based materials industry base and automotive electronics industries. 

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province and the electronic city, the electronic information industry has become an important pillar of the city's industrial development, one in 2008 the province's electronic information industry output value accounted for 90%, mainly distributed in the East Lake New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Caidian Economic Development Zone, East and West Lake Wujiashan Taiwanese Investment Zone, Jianghan Economic and Technological Development Zone and other urban industrial parks. Among them, the planning area of 224 square kilometers, an area of about 90 square kilometers have been built in Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, known as the "Optics Valley of China" reputation is China building world-class hi-tech park's six state-level technology development pilot and one of the city's electronic information industry accounted for more than 80% year on year growth of more than 30%. As of the end of 2008, the district is 12,784 registered enterprises at home, high-tech enterprises accounted for about 2,100 homes. 

"Electronic Engineering Times" Total analyst Yorbe Zhang made a special trip to visit the East Lake High-tech Zone management, laboratory and representatives of enterprises, we present the development of central China's electronics industry, and characteristics. 

  China's Optical Valley 
Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone was established in October 1988 to March 1991 by the State Council approved the first state-level high-tech industrial development zones. In 2001, was approved by the former State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Science and optoelectronic industry base for the country, namely, "Optics Valley of China." 

  Optics Valley of the development of the earliest in 1984 originated in a proposal put forward by the industry in China's intellectual-intensive areas in the idea of the establishment of experimental area, occur within the next few years, such as Zhongguancun, East Lake and some other high-tech zones. With regard Wuhan in light of scientific research efforts and talent advantages, as well as other specialized optical Expo exhibition, so Wuhan in light industries has been rapid growth and industry recognition. Now, we park in China's electronic information industry, the combined effects of power in the top six. "Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone Management Committee Counterattack a brief introduction, deputy director of China Optics Valley of the development process. 

"East Lake High-tech Zone to play the advantages of optoelectronic information industry gathering, initially formed the information industry as the leading optoelectronics, biotechnology, energy, environmental protection, modern equipment manufacturing, software and service outsourcing industry, striving to develop high-tech industries such as industrial structure," said Counterattack China , "in which optical communication, mobile communication, modern equipment manufacturing, energy and environmental protection, bio-industry, software and service outsourcing and other six are more than 10 billion yuanindustrial scale." 

In the park, and light-related industries, including optical communications, mobile communications, optical devices, laser, LED lighting, etc., occupied the park in 2008 about half of the output, opto-electronics information industry here, an absolute dominant: in optical communications industries, high-tech zones optical fiber and cable production scale to achieve world's second largest domestic market share of 50%, international market share of 12%, while the existing mobile communications equipment, terminal and supporting product manufacturing enterprises in 30, formed a relatively complete industrial chain of a new generation of mobile communication; optoelectronic device market share of 60% of the domestic and international market share of 6%; in the semiconductor lighting and photovoltaic industries, in 2007, a successful high-tech zones large package out of 1,500 watts power LED light source, is the world's largest power of artificial light; in laser industry, the current laser equipment production enterprise 53, the domestic market share has remained at about 50% of the laser equipment is an important production base. 

"In the promotion of light industry development process, we also actively support and promote the development of surrounding cities to form a wide range of industrial chain." Counterattack the people added. At present, Wuhan, in collaboration with its surrounding Yellowstone, Ezhou, Huanggang, Xiaogan, days of the door, Xianning, Xiantao, Qianjiang 8 in the 100 km radius of the city, forming a "1 +8" Optical Valley Circle. 

  Photoelectric light industry, national laboratories to strengthen the cohesion 
Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics Science and Technology of China in November 2003 approved the establishment of five national laboratories is one of the national science and technology an integral part of the innovation system as well as "Optics Valley of China" in innovative research base. The lab is put into use in 2005, currently has 300 researchers, graduate students more than 700 people. 

"Laboratory both leading-edge basic research in the application of systematic in-depth strategic and forward-looking research work, as part of academic gradually advanced until the leading position to achieve; must also focus on resolving the country's major professional development of optoelectronics key technologies issue, "" because of Wuhan optoelectronic industry is relatively developed, so settle down here. " 

The laboratory studies of the area belonging to traditional industries, including:

1. Laser industry: mainly intense laser, laser medical equipment, laser processing integrated, high-power lasers, etc.;

2. Fiber optic cable;

3. Optoelectronic devices, that is used in optical communication electronic devices, including communications lasers, optical amplifiers.